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Young Victoria

Posted in film with tags , , , , , on February 15, 2010 by sparrowriot

The film, Young Victoria, was consumed by my friend Ann and I last Super Bowl Sunday along with a Trader Joe’s truffle milk chocolate bar, big buttered popcorn and ample vitamin water, while the men of the world (and women who like football and the women who want to)  watched the Saints come home.

This film was a romance straight and true. Yes, it was hisorical and the costumes, jewelry and sets were pristine, however, this movie is about true love prevailing.  There were moments, however, when the love story was a pale second to one of those necklaces. The very young Queen Victoria didn’t have to marry for means, which was a nearly non-existent situation at that time.  She, as the queen, would marry for political weight or for love, and though the lacing of the plot intertwines a few dashes of political drama, the propellor of this movie is the romance between Victoria and Albert-the hope for and very satisfying eventual union of the couple.   The virtuosity of the romance was paced and dealt with in such a way, any modern girl could feel that her “Jane Austin” fix (love and marriage, strong or otherwise justified female protagonist and last but not least, a gallant and underestimated male interest) was satisfied, along with the historical and regal attachments which add extra lush to the story for us if only in an abstract way, though quite accurate.
The difference between this romance and a fictional one is hope- that a queen could find love within her permitted sphere of social movement.  There is, undoubtedley a cynic-melting color to the story and is triumphantly heart breaking in that Queen Victoria laid out her husband’s clothes everyday after he died till her death ap.40 years later. I’m sorry, as a side note to the feminists and progessive citizens out there exhausted by stories of the formulaic heterosexual love to marriage, and believe me, I undertand the cynism toward it; that said, I’ll not knock the romance for being the animal that it is.

Prince Albert was so handsome and though his costumes were impeccably of the era, his hair and tight pants replicated a modern edge so well, that his sex appeal was catapulted into 2010.  For lack of better words:  He was so fine.  The role of the male interest was interesting in that he was a submissive character who, through the course of the film, finds his own role in the relationship and his own identity.  If Prince Albert remained inferior in attitude toward the Queen, I would have become detached emotionally from the couple, but he of course, prevailed into his own and became even hotter.

Go see it girls ( and gay guys). As far as everyone else, I just don’t know.  My friend has just ended a relationship, therefore, the poignancy of love gained and lost was palpable.  It’s okay to skip out on sports to go to a romance movie, buy smut when you’re PMSing and eat the hell of the popcorn, and Queen Victoria utterly fit the bill.